During the holiday season there are so many expectations and projections on what we should be and do – some of the demands we put on ourselves and others come from our family and people around us.
Sometimes we simply need to say no.

Do you have a hard time choosing what works for you and saying no to what doesn’t?
There are 3 excuses that work in any situation:
”I don’t have the time”
”I don’t have the money”
”I’m ill”

Have you used them at some point? Do you hear other people use them? Have you also been aware of when they have not been true? When you say that you don’t have the money for something when you do?
I’m convinced that we create everything in our lives and what we say and where we put our energy is what we get more of. For that reason I seldom use those excuses anymore.

Another way of communicating is: “It doesn’t work for me”. Without going into defense or explanations.

Are you willing to say YES to what works for you during the holiday season?