Katarina Nilsson, coach & facilitatior


Once upon a time there was a young ambitious talent in the name branding business who just kept running until she finally hit the wall. Tormented and confused from depression she felt like she had nothing left to give and even less to look forward to. Today, It’s hard to believe that person was actually me.

My name is Katarina Nilsson and I offer business development classes and coaching around the world for groups and individuals – anyone who seeks to make a positive change in their life and career. By challenging status quo and the stereotypical point of view on business, I present a whole different perception. One that hopefully will make your journey so much more joyful!

Money Follows Joy – the True Key to Business Development

To find relaxation in life and feel the joy of business, you should start by asking yourself one question: What do I find so easy, fun and fulfilling that I don’t think it could ever have any real business value?

For me, the answer was art. When I was burned out I turned my focus to painting, and before I knew it I had enough work for a whole exhibition. But a big art show is just dreaming, right? Wrong!
Instead of coming up with the same old poor excuses, I decided to go outside of my comfort zone and give it a real shot. The exhibition was a success and today one of my biggest passions is an integrated part of my daily business. To sum it up: I’m having fun at work.

Embrace Change and Never Give Up

Once you open your mind to change and know how to use the tools, the reward will be instant in several ways. Your business credibility won’t suffer due to a more creative mindset. If anything, you will gain from it and find possibilities you never imagined. Take it from one who dared to try.


How you run your business is nobody else’s business –
“Katarina is a rock steady facilitator. She effortlessly holds the space for the group and allow us to be the greatest possible contribution to each other. Several times I experienced that other participants posed questions that had answers that was exactly what I needed to hear.”
Nicolas Dubant

“Katarina is a very perceptive facilitator and makes sure that everybody is on the same page. My feeling was that none of us even had to say that we felt lost, she just instinctively knew and explained what she just said in a different way. She also creates a fantastic, sharing atmosphere in the group.”
Ronny Magnil

Turn tragedy to triumph by learning how to find the joy of business.

Check out my services for more inspiration:

Workshops & Seminars


Joyful workshops and mind-boggling sessions on business, creativity and life.

Tailored Packages


Tailored packages and workshops on creativity, suitable for companies and individuals.

One on One


Coaching and bodywork that release stress and allow positive change.

Apart from my classes I also run two other businesses:


A full-service naming agency that supports you through the whole process of finding a new name for your company or product.

Katarina Nilsson Artwork

My own abstract art for sale and for rent. As well as workshops, lectures and coaching on creativity.