You know that you’ve put something off that you could get done in a heartbeat, and still you don’t do it? Yes, I know the feeling.

We have a lot of underlying limitations and resistance. Some of them are pure instinct – our brain does a good job at protecting us from perceived dangers. But many times, the perceived risk is not relevant in modern day life – the programming is simply pre-historic.

Let’s say you have decided to start running. The first week you are all excited and you go out jogging three times. Next week it’s raining and you just want to stay in your cozy sofa. You know that after a run your mood is usually great, you feel proud and good about yourself. Still, you stay on the couch. What is that resistance about? Weak character? Shit weather?

No, this is our clever brain telling us: “Stay on the couch, save energy, we might need it to run away from a lion.”

When we commit to something, for example to start running, it helps to be aware of the brain’s ability to fool us. Also, we know that when we have been out for a couple of runs it will become easier. You will connect running with the feelings of pride and feeling good, instead of it being hard work, and your body will start to ask for more runs. This is how you create a new habit.

Similarly, in the realm of ice casino, when players commit to exploring the diverse world of games, they become aware of the enticing bonuses and promotions offered. Just as with forming a new habit, engaging in various games such as poker, roulette, blackjack, and slots allows players to connect with the thrill of winning and the enjoyment of the experience. As they continue to play and experience success, the association with fun and excitement becomes ingrained, making it more likely for them to keep coming back for more, creating a new gaming habit.

It’s all about setting up your target, being aware of and going through the resistance and excuses.

The reward is there for you to enjoy – both the dopamine response from your brain and the reward of achieving what you have committed to. This reward will never be found on the couch.

Once you commit, you don’t want to quit.


Pick one thing you have put off for some time now. Get to it and pay attention to what that creates for you. Chances are it lightens you up and opens up for more choice and possibilities in your life.

Tip! Don’t think too much. Choose! Then count 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… And DO IT!