Creative Workshops, Business
Boosting and Personal Coaching.


Open Your Mind to the
Business Of Your Life!

Creative Workshops, Business Boosting and Personal Coaching.


Open Your Mind to the Business Of Your Life!

Are you stuck in your comfort zone?

Make your life and business prosper from:

Workshops & Seminars


Efficient, entertaining and joyful workshops and seminars on business, creativity and life.

Tailored Packages


Tailored packages and workshops for body and mind, suitable for companies and individuals.

One on One


Coaching and body processes that release negative energies and allow positive change.

Great inspiration for individuals, entrepreneurs and companies!

Looking for positive change and new possibilities? Want to find that one special thing that makes you truly happy?

Get the tools to release your passion and make a transformation with ease.

Personal development is actually a strategy to make more money. When you rearrange your mindset and point of view, you see life and work in a new, shining light. If you’re ready to commit and try things differently, you will certainly be rewarded. And it’s so much easier than you might think!

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Welcome to Vernissage in December!

Welcome to Vernissage in December!

Come and socialize with me for a while, with bubbles in the glass surrounded by my colorful paintings. Learn more and sign up here!    

Exploring for Business Development Learning

In my journey as a business development coach, I've encountered many bright minds eager to excel in their careers yet struggling with academic writing. Whether it's crafting a compelling business proposal or structuring a persuasive report, the challenges are real....

Now I am aware of the fact that a successful business needs movers, connectors and creators. I also know that even though I have all three abilities inside of me I need to be willing to open up for help. And how interesting isn’t it that I don’t need to have an opinion about the form in which it show up.
Anna Skarin


Katarina has the ability to identify the best parts of life and to make them even better. By making me consciously aware of what prevented me from creating profitable business deals with growth potential, and to remove those obstacles, I was able to focus on the opportunities that serve me the best. The result? Two new clients in two months. Powerful and amazing!
Jenny Sands