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Find Inspiration and Positive Change in my Joyful Business Events!

I inspire individuals and groups to make positive change and offer:

I inspire individuals and groups to make positive change and offer:

Seminars and Workshops

To find the joy of business is to find joy in life.

Since the majority of us have to work for a living, the best way to fill our days with happiness and passion is to do the things we really love. Wouldn’t you agree that it actually makes no sense to do the contrary? Yet, that’s the exact reality many of us are stuck in.

The specific themes in my business classes vary, but I always focus on motivation, self-development and positive change. There are many tools with which you can achieve all of this and my aim is to open your mind to different points of view on life and business.

Does it sound confusing? It’s actually easy – I give you the tools for change and show you how to have fun at work!

Who am I to tell you how to run your business?

I don’t. The whole point with my business classes is for you to find your own path of joy and discover new passion and possibilities. What I can do is to provide you with the right questions.

But if you still want my resume, here are a few of my titles and skills:

  • Coach with an ICF diploma
  • Certified Access Bars Facilitator
  • CEO of Eqvarium, a successful brand naming business
  • Master of Arts in Spanish and English
  • Speaks 4 languages fluently
  • Artist
seminars and workshops with Katarina Nilsson
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Oh, one thing that makes me very happy is all the positive response I get on my business classes.

Does it sound like something for you?