Coaching & Body Processes One on One

To meet between four eyes is a great way to focus on positive change. I offer personal coaching & body work in private sessions. Of course you can still bring your colleagues as well – you know yourself and your needs better than anybody.

coaching sessions

Coaching Sessions

Have you already taken one of my business classes and like to add some personal coaching one on one? Are you and your company looking for new points of view on your business? I have an IFC diploma in coaching. For the last decade I have helped groups and individuals to expand their businesses, eliminate obstacles and find new possibilities in life. Let’s talk and make some positive change!

body work

Body Processes

Body work is a great way to release stress and find motivation and inspiration. And it can definitely make a positive change for you as an individual. I’m a certified facilitator of Access Consciousness Body Processes and hold body work classes such as Access Bars. Are you ready to be affected in ways you never thought possible?