Creative Workshops - A creative mind is a happier mind

Creative Workshops

A creative mind is a happier mind

Are you tired of doing things the same old way? Get some motivation and inspiration by just playing for a while! This Creative Flow class will give you relaxation and new passion for life as well as business.

A creative point of view will always reward you in so many more ways than just money. It’s actually easier than one might think to become a creative force of nature and let it show in both life and business.

Let’s take a closer look at the true meaning of creativity and the boundaries that keep us from having full access to our imagination and our originality. But most important of all – let’s create something together.

“What can I expect from the class?”

Creative Chatting
What is creativity? How can it help my personal development? How do I find it and what’s stopping me? We discuss the creative work process and you receive coaching on how to start thinking creatively.

Playful Exercises
Through joyful and easy exercises, we bring our motivation and inspiration to life. Stress management and relaxation at its best!

Art Creation
We get workshop creative, all together and on our own. I show you how to use different tools and how to play with colours. Of course, you get to take your creation home with you.

Ready to boost your creativity through a unique and colourful workshop experience?

creative workshop
“What I didn’t know before I walked into this workshop with Katarina was that I’m actually quite a brilliant painter and that painting and adding this element of art and creativity to my life actually expanded my business in dynamic ways. I was able to use this canvas as a place to play and create and then what happened was that joy of playing and creating expanded into my entire world and actually grew my business just by my very choice of being in her workshop. So thank you very much Katarina!”
Maggie Schlarb