access bars class

Access Bars Class

Changing your point of view takes more than pushing a button. You actually need to push 32.

If you could learn an easy and efficient tool to release all tensions, pre-conceived attitudes and points of view that life has stored in your head, wouldn’t you take the chance?

Believe me – and thousands of others – Access Bars is a life-changer.

“So what is Access Bars exactly?”

Your head is full of energy bars, 32 to be specific. They all host different pre-conceived ideas of what is and what isn’t possible to achieve in life. There are bars for every aspect of life – from business and money to body and relationships.

By touching these bars, an enormous amount of data is released in a matter of minutes, and your mind opens up for different points of view and amazing possibilities. You change the energy – you change the way you look at life.

Now you’re thinking: That’s crazy, nothing can be that simple.
Well, sometimes the unbelievable is true and this is something you just have to try to understand. Apart from being effective, this treatment also offers extreme relaxation. I would describe it as a perfect blend of a meditation session, a massage and a nap.

Benefits from an Access Bars class:

  • New points of view, personal development and radical change
  • Stress management and relaxation
  • The knowledge how to give Access Bars sessions

One session is enough to make change in your life. After the class, you will be a certified Access Bars Practitioner – meaning you’re allowed to give professional Access Bars sessions for money. Or why not meet up with your friends and exchange sessions?

Thousands of people use this tool in their daily life. Did you know that your Epassi checks are valid for Access Bars?
Come and join the fun!

“Access Bars is one of various tools I use on a daily basis to see possibilities where I used to see closed doors. That means I spend very little energy on doubt and fear and instead just do what I desire. For example, I write and perform my own music to audiences. Now it feels easy to create my own exciting path on my journey in life.”

Anna Skarin

No time for a full-day class?

Don’t worry. I also give Bars sessions – a perfect way to release tensions and get to know what it’s all about!
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