Body Processes & Body Work

Body Processes

Body work is a great way to release stress and find motivation and inspiration. A body process can include a variety of things, all depending on what you want to achieve. Are you having burned out symptoms, a life crisis or perhaps a very important business decision coming up? Body work can’t solve all the problems in the world, but it definitely can make a positive change for you as an individual.

I’m a certified facilitator of Access Consciousness Body Processes and hold body work classes such as Access Bars. I also do Symphony sessions where you become aware of how your energies interact and play together. A kind of body work that opens up for more joy and possibilities in life.

Would you like to take a one-hour Bars session to release tensions and open your mind to new points of view, or a full-day class to become a certified Bars practitioner? Are you interested in learning more about my coaching or different body work tools that can affect your everyday life in ways you never thought possible?

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“Receiving Access Bars was a true delight – I have never experienced anything similar. After the session I had a sense of peace that was very enjoyable. One thing that was special – I hadn’t had my period for four months and when I came home after the session it started. Release of blockages or pure coincidence?”


“When facilitating, Katarina creates a space of confidence and caring. You allow her to get into your universe and change whatever is going on. I asked for the impossible and she facilitated a change beyond that. I have received Access Bars, Access body processes and Symphony sessions from her – she’s always done what’s required to facilitate a change.”

Johnni Friis