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creating beyond reality

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Everything we create in the world and in our lives can be so much greater, more easeful, and more alive if we are willing to have a level of intimacy with ourselves that allows the creative process to simply flow. When we are in judgment of ourselves, we cannot create with ease.  When we are in judgment of what we are creating, the creative process is stifled and stunted. Judgment is one of the biggest killers of creation in the world and in our lives!

When we are willing to develop a relationship with ourselves that is based in joy, ease, and a distinct lack of judgment, the lives we have been asking for truly become available for us to create and actualize. Letting go of judgment – of ourselves and others – creates a fertile ground for miraculous creation like never before.

Join Heather Nichols in an interview with Katarina Nilsson, a vibrant, uber-creative artist, businesswoman, facilitator, and creator.  Katarina is an ICF-coach, Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator and Joy of Business Facilitator and runs classes on personal development, business development and creativity around the world. Katarina runs the successful brand naming agency Eqvarium. She is also an artist selling her artwork internationally to private people and companies.

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