Katarina just got published with one of her articles in positivitydaily.com and in Forbes Woman:

Most people would like more wealth and money in life. At the same time, many would argue that the price of getting there is too high. The many limitations, unwritten rules and prejudices around money—as well as the constant judgment from others—often keep us from making the most of what we do. Luckily, that’s something we can work on. 

What you want to do is shift focus from minor obstacles to great possibilities. To begin, start asking yourself the right questions to clear your mindset when it comes to money. Are my points of view really mine or someone else’s? Society has a strong hold on us and the way we perceive things around us. To change this we need to step back from mainstream perceptions. Doing so requires you to step out of your comfort zone and to seize every opportunity, which takes a lot of courage, but the end reward is worth it.

Here are 4 tips to help you start loving every second of what you do (while inviting money to join the party):

1) Be the Boss of Your Biz

To have someone else’s will as your own is simply a waste of your time. When you start doing things your way, the way you love for them to be, your journey towards money and success will be so much more joyful. Sure, you can deliver and get paid anyway, but if there’s no heart involved, then there’s really not much meaning to it.

When you constantly let more of what you love into your life and business, it will affect your soul as much as your sales. Some people may not agree with your choices, but the way you run your business should never be anyone else’s business.

2) Always Run with Too Much Fun

What is the one thing, or things, in your life that you would do no matter what? If you know the answer—why not include it in your business and try to make a living of what you really love! It’s often said that you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure, but who comes up with these rules? When something gives you crazy amounts of joy why not make it a revenue stream? That’s what “living the dream” actually means, and it’s very possible to turn your dreams into reality.

3) Turn Creativity to Cash with Ease

Being creative with what you love is a great joy in itself. Great ideas many times generate money and the best ideas come to you when you aren’t pursuing them. Each and every one of us have creativity inside of us that is just waiting to come out, and creativity is a great investment in both life and business because as it grows and gives you more space—and hopefully money—to explore further possibilities. Always be creative without thinking too much about results and they will appear out of the blue before you know it. Cash follows creativity, not the other way around.

4) Keep on Keeping On

In life and business, status quo is status no. To get more of what you love, you also need to explore more. What could you include that you haven’t considered? Could you do things differently? Could you make things more enjoyable for yourself? What happens if you try it this way instead? Make your business a love story that lasts for life by pushing your boundaries and out-creating yourself every day. Make it a joyride to sustainable growth!


To start creating and letting more of the things you love into your business may seem like a big change, perhaps even a scary and uncomfortable one. But once you get going and learn how to capitalize on your creative flow, you will thank yourself every day for the rest of your life or for daring to try.

Take it from one who’s been there.

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