This month I was presented as the facilitator of the month in the Access Joy of Business newsletter.

This is the article they wrote about me:

joy of business facilitator of the monthFacilitator of the Month

Meet Joy of Business Facilitator Katarina Nilsson!

Where do your shoes/life/home live?

I live surrounded by beautiful views and water in Stockholm, Sweden

Where else can we find you in the world?

I travel a lot, both for business and pleasure. I meet up with people around the world and I have also facilitated classes in five European countries. Next up, I will facilitate creativity and business classes in Denver, USA, with Heather Nichols.

Joy of Business in action to me is…

A constant adventure! To let go of control and follow what’s fun and joyful in life is new to me. But it works so much better than how I chose to function earlier – from control and micro-management.

Favorite Joy of Business Tool:

Asking questions in business. Questions always open up to greater possibilities. Just asking “how does it get any better than this?” is a brilliant tool in itself. Everything we create is a life form, with an energy and a consciousness of its own. This means we can actually communicate with it. ”Hey project, what do you require today? What’s next painting? How much would you like to be sold for?” I do that sort of thing every single day and it works wonderfully!

If you’re having a dry spell with finances, business or creativity (pick one) what do you do?

With finances, what I do is open up for receiving and get in touch with myself and my passions. I dedicate myself to doing things I love and surround myself with people with high energy levels and little judgment – people that are easy to laugh and create with. I also make sure my body gets what it requires – movement, touch, body work, yummy food and wine and belly laughs for instance. When I do that, relaxation and money show up with ease :o).

Joy of Business surprised me the most with…

The point of view that business is creation, that it really doesn’t have to be that hard … Just to name one of all the positives.