Katarina Nilsson

In my classes, I always talk about finding the joy of business. Lately, I’ve had an avalanche of joy in my own life and business. I’m building three new websites – one for my classes, one for my naming company Eqvarium and one for my artwork. And this is when I’m not working. Needless to say, it’s been a bit crazy – but crazy fun!

The tools I normally provide to others have come in very handy for me now. I use the insights from the Joy of Business classes to stay focused on the positive changes at hand, and receive Access Bars sessions to relax and feel harmony in all the turbulence. A glass or two of prosecco also helps after a hard week’s work …

This summer is also looking bright. I won’t spend my days beaching and swimming, but my summer classes will surely provide lots of light and joy instead. Apart from my work in Sweden, I will go on a “summer tour” – all the way to Denver, Colorado, where I’m teaming up with Heather Nichols for a couple of joyful and exciting classes. After that, you can catch me in Stuttgart where my English classes will be translated to German – make sure to book your spot today!

But first, some inspiration to get things going …

What better way to kick-start the summer than seven days of JOB-seminars in Copenhagen given by my colleague Simone? You should come as well, I’m certain it’s going to be an eye opener and a blast!

Are you ready to make a change in your life and business? Come join the fun in the sun!
Sunny wishes,
Katarina Nilsson
Katarina Nilsson