Don’t mix business with pleasure. Who really believes in that nonsense? Truth is, dedicating your precious time to something when your heart’s not in it makes absolutely no sense. And since you don’t have to choose between your passion  from doing what you really love?

Here are a few suggestions from Katarina Nilsson from a recent article in SWAAY Magazine on how you can start ripping that fear-box apart and let your creativity take you on a great joyride, along with your business.

Fixed points of view can be problematic. Life seems to force-feed us others’ opinions and judgments, and before we know it, the way we see things is the way they see things.

This only causes hesitation and a fear of being different and finding our true element.

In reality, we all have a huge treasure box of creativity that’s just waiting to be explored, yet so many of us choose to conform and play it safe. It’s about time we change that and start celebrating all the eclectic little details that make each of us unique. When we allow ourselves to be passionate and follow our dreams, without paying attention to the stifling judgment, the world becomes a more interesting and joyful place. And guess what? Money follows joy, rather than the other way around.

“But I Don’t Even Know What I Like to Do”

Sure you do. Take a deep breath and look for that one thing – or things – you’d never want to live without. Something in your life is probably so much fun that you never imagined you could make money from it. What if you actually can?


1. Take Big Baby Steps

Change can happen overnight if you’re willing to receive it. If you make your passion a part of your daily life, you can build from there. The more you get involved, the more it will affect everything else you do – like your business. Are you ready to choose what’s fun for you instead of whining about it? Are you willing to commit to you and have your own back? Most people would say they desire more out of life, but not as many are willing to do what it takes. Are you in?

2. Forget Not Good Enough

Maybe you know very well what your true passion is, but you’re just scared of failing. That’s not unusual and people will always tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. But with creativity, there’s no such thing as a failure. Someone might hate what you do, but so what? Just thank them for their interesting point of view and continue choosing what’s true for you. If you dare to take that scary leap of faith of yourself, chances are good that someone will love it – and that feeling is simply unbeatable.

3. When You Peak, Be Unique

Ever seen those YouTube clips of incredible people doing amazing things? The weird things they do are of course spectacular, but beyond that, you get inspired from the fact that they just don’t seem to care what anyone else thinks. They do what they love to do in their own unique way and you get a sense that anything is possible. It’s when you’re willing to have it all and lose it all that you become free to succeed in creation. Sooner than later, you will be rewarded. This doesn’t mean you need to jump the Niagara Falls in a rabbit suit – simply explore and express more of what’s truly you.

4. Ask and You Will Out-Create

Once you get going creatively, don’t get too comfortable. Passion needs constant care and the best treatment you can give it is curiosity. Always ask what else you can create in life and business. Is there something you’d like to try that perhaps seems impossible? Go for it – impossible is only temporary. Even if it doesn’t turn out the way you expected, it could still lead to new creative ideas that help you monetize your passion.

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