Katarina Nilsson was interviewed by Australian media personality and brand ambassador Deborah Hutton. The article is published on her site; Balance by Deborah Hutton;

Creative Flow

Katarina Nilsson is an entrepreneur, naming strategist, commercial artist and certified Joy of Business facilitator. Through her business, Eqvarium, she has helped create names for some of the world’s most recognisable brands such as Sony Ericsson, H&M, Toyota, Electrolux and Babybjörn. She is also a successful commercial artist.

We were intrigued by how she made it all work so asked her a few questions. Here are her answers:

1. How hard is it to become a successful commercial artist?

It’s probably one of hardest things in the world! However, being an artist is all about constantly being creative, to come up with new ideas and see where they take you next. The most important thing is to try, to do. If you just create a lot of stuff and then hide it on your shelf, how will the world know you even exist? The world desires you – so step out into the light! When I finally took that step, new business opportunities started popping up out of nowhere. Today, art is a naturally integrated part of my daily life and business.

2. What are your tips for success in this field (tools to get your name out there)

First of all, forget about competition and stuff like that. The best thing about expressing yourself is that it’s all you. Therefore, what you create can never be wrong. When you let go of prejudices and narrowing points of view, your creation will start coming to you when most unexpected. A hands-on tip is to keep asking where your creation can take you next. What happens if I try it this way instead? Is there something I would like to do that I haven’t yet considered? If you feel like it, try to find a way to showcase your creations. Even the smallest effort will be endlessly rewarding and you’ll want to do it again and again! The more you keep at it, the more will come out of it. It may sound obvious, and yet so many of us hesitate due to all the walls we’ve built up around us. I say it’s time we smash those walls to pieces!

3. Where do you start? What advice would you give to someone starting out?

If you paint, you paint. Let creativity loose and go with the flow. So what if someone thinks your painting absolutely sucks? Someone else might like it enough to buy it, and the important thing is that you’re creating and having fun with it. Perhaps it wasn’t really your tool of expression? There are plenty more artforms to choose from, so just keep going with something else instead! Any kind of creativity will give you so much in other areas as well – business for one – so it’s really a win win.

4. What have you learnt from the art world?

That it’s bigger in expression than in mindset. So many artists are slaves under someone else’s will and points of view. There are so many unwritten rules in the art world that are totally BS. Variety and individuality is what’s making creation interesting, so how come the art scene often feels so one track minded? It’s the same with business, people are afraid to stand out from the crowd, but that’s exactly what you need to do in order to succeed. And you do it by just being you.

So now that we know about how to become a commercial artist, how to get start getting our creativity on?

Katarina says there are 3 useful things to keep in mind:

  1. Creation comes to an open mind
    Let go of all projections, expectations and judgments that other people have put on you, and that you have put on yourself. That way you can create more freely.
  2. You are not your creations
    When people judge what you have created they’re not judging you as a person. Simply respond: ”interesting point of view, thank you” and follow what you know is true for you.
  3. Never wait, go create!
    Creation loves action. Never wait for inspiration, but create to feel inspired. Just get going! Do, don’t think!


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