Creating Beyond Reality! with Heather Nichols

What’s in a name? What’s the difference between a name that opens your business up for expansion verses ones that may limit the business? How do you get started on creating the optimal name for your business, product or service?

What name will allow your business to reach its full potential?

Selecting the right name for a company, product or service is more important than most people are aware of. Naming consultant Katarina Nilsson will share her most effective tools and insights that will allow you to create vibrant brand names, and to do so with ease joy and glory.

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Katarina Nilsson is an entrepreneur, coach and artist who enjoys exploring her own and others’ potential.  She facilitates small and great changes for individuals and businesses with ease and joy on a daily basis. Since 2008 Katarina runs the naming agency Eqvarium and has developed excellent brand names for global businesses within a vast number of industries. Within the framework of the naming agency Katarina also educates and coaches entrepreneurs in the art of naming. She provides them with the tools needed to create names that burst with energy and that allow small businesses to grow and to find their glorious way out into the world. Katarina is a certified Access Consciousness facilitator and also one of the first Joy of Business facilitators.
Katarina’s naming business:

What if you know way more than you acknowledge about what is possible in this world? So often, our judgments of ourselves stem from a knowing that we have that may be unique to us….that we turn into a wrongness because we don’t see it in others. What if what you know is a gift that you are here to bring to the planet? Would you be willing to bring it? What if that is the greatest contribution you could possibly make?