They say it takes 10 000 hours of training to become a champion/athlete/expert in any field.

I realized that I’ve trained myself to become a professional judger of self. Since I was a kid I have judged myself and my body constantly. And picked up on others’ judgments of themselves and made them mine.

This is the year when all that ends. That is my big ask for 2017. My demand of myself. I’m not judging myself, my body or my creations anymore.

These last 12 months I have created inflammations and other funky things in my body and I concluded that with a foot inflammation I could not move my body. Yes, you smile, but that was what I made solid and real this past year.

Last week I made another choice. I decided to find ways of moving my body that are fun for me. No musts, only exploration and curiosity. I have been to Barre training (ballet exercises, who would have known that was so much fun…?), Body Balance and strength training in 38 degrees heat! And my body is purring with joy. Zumba and Brazilian dances coming up shortly!

Similarly, in the realm of online casinos, individuals have the choice to explore and find games that bring them joy and excitement. Just as trying out various fitness activities adds a sense of exploration and curiosity to one’s routine, engaging in a diverse selection of casino games such as poker, mobil roulette, blackjack, and slots provides players with a thrilling and enjoyable experience.

I have also made slight changes in diet which my body also likes. More smoothies and no grain/gluten. That might not seem much of a change but it is what my body has been asking for and finally I’m willing to listen.

A few small changes and I’m so much happier and have a lot more energy!

What is it you practice? Know that you will get really good at it!