Katarina deltar i radioprogram där hon tillsammans med Simone Milasas, Rebecca Hulse, Francesca Fiorintini, Andrea Lazenby och Haris Omanovic, diskuterar engagemang och ”commitment” till sin business.

Join Simone Milasas, business mentor, author & international speaker, as she speaks with Rebecca Hulse, Francesca Fiorintini, Andrea Lazenby, Haris Omanovic and Katarina Nilsson, all Joy of Business Certified Facilitators, about committing to your business and what that can actually create! What have you defined commitment as and are you using it to limit your business or expand the possibilities?

Have you ever wished for things for your life or business? Have you wished to make more money or to expand your business globally or travel while you work? Here’s the catch, everything you ‘wish’ for is where you are not being committed to that actually showing up. What if you could move from ‘wishing’ into actually creating and actualizing the business you know is possible? What would it look like to 100% commit to you and your life? Don’t miss this episode for live facilitation and more tips and tools for creating and committing to your business!

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