What’s Up? 6 minutes free session

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If you could choose anything to put your heart into, what would it be? What’s stopping you from taking the things you really love and start making profit from them? Let’s find that out and make your life and business a win-win.

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Change Your Life in 6 Minutes. Free of Charge. 

  • Get a sense of the pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness
  • Get to know me as a facilitator and see how we connect
  • Receive keys to instant change in your life and business

When you think of it, many life-changing decisions are made spontaneously in a flash. Your gut tells you something and you just know what’s right for you. Now, if you can make such decisions in just seconds, imagine what you could do and change in 6 minutes. Probably a lot, right? Question is, are you committed to making the changes that will make your life and business prosper?

No matter what you desire to change in life, I’m offering 6 free minutes of facilitation using the dynamic tools from Access Consciousness. This way, you’ll get a sense of what it’s all about and if I’m a facilitator for you. Many that try walk away after 6 minutes knowing exactly what they’re going to do and how. Others realize just how powerful the tools are and book a new session on the spot to get even more awareness. Worst case scenario, you feel you’ve wasted 6 minutes of your life – but there’s knowledge to gain from that as well (and trust me, it’s worth the “effort”).

So why would I facilitate for free, you ask?

Because I can! I love to do it and to see the instant difference the tools make in people’s lives. And if I may say so myself, I’m damn good at what I do. Yes, I do hope this little teaser will make you a regular, paying client, but lesson #1 is to find that thing in life that you would do even if it didn’t make you any money (because funny enough, that’s the secret to in fact receiving money). And this is it for me.

Like the old saying goes: Try it, you might like it!


The offering is valid one per person only. The session is booked in the webshop and then scheduled with me. After your 6 minutes are up, you can choose to schedule a complete session if you desire. Should you start this session in conjunction with the free session, the session is paid via the webshop directly after the session has ended. Any reminders necessary, or administration required if your payment does not go through, is charged by an additional 30 USD. If you book a session for another time the session is paid before we start.


Once upon a time there was a young ambitious talent in the name branding business who just kept running until she finally hit the wall. Tormented and confused from depression she felt like she had nothing left to give and even less to look forward to. Today, It’s hard to believe that person was actually me.

My name is Katarina Nilsson and I offer business development classes and coaching around the world for groups and individuals – anyone who seeks to make a positive change in their life and career. By challenging status quo and the stereotypical point of view on business, I present a whole different perception. One that hopefully will make your journey so much more joyful!

What I can do is to provide you with the right questions.

But if you still want my resume, here are a few of my titles and skills:
Coach with an ICF diploma
Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator
Certified Joy of Business Facilitator
Certified Access Bars Facilitator
CEO of Eqvarium, a successful brand naming business
Master of Arts in Spanish and English
Speaks 4 languages fluently