Creating Business Beyond This Reality

Looking for inspiration to start creating more freely in your life and business? Buy this book featuring yours truly! 

Finding the one thing in life that you would do no matter what, is the key to having joy in business. For me, art was that special thing. When I started painting daily, the creative flow I felt began to influence my other businesses, and very soon my art became an actual business of its own. I am living proof of the way creation can change your life and entire notion of business altogether. That’s also the topic of the opening chapter – my chapter – in the Amazon bestseller “Creating Business Beyond This Reality”. I did it my way. What’s yours?

Creating Business Beyond This Reality” takes you on a journey into what may be possible that you have never even considered. The authors of this book are all successful entrepreneurs that share tools and practices designed to rocket-launch your creations and take your business to the next level.

The authors are:
Katarina Nilsson, Tina Devine, Kass Thomas, Georgia Watson, Peggy Sue Honeyman-Scott, Jennifer Cramer Lewis, Melanie Meade, Rebecca Hulse, Jennilynne Coley, Natalie Krishna, Donna Martuge, Kristen Trimmer, Barbara Schubert, Benoit Trudel, Beth Segaloff, Wendy Dillard, Becca Speert, Kali Lane, Andora Freedom, Megan Sillito and Erica Glessing.




Once upon a time there was a young ambitious talent in the name branding business who just kept running until she finally hit the wall. Tormented and confused from depression she felt like she had nothing left to give and even less to look forward to. Today, It’s hard to believe that person was actually me.

My name is Katarina Nilsson and I offer business development classes and coaching around the world for groups and individuals – anyone who seeks to make a positive change in their life and career. By challenging status quo and the stereotypical point of view on business, I present a whole different perception. One that hopefully will make your journey so much more joyful!

What I can do is to provide you with the right questions.

But if you still want my resume, here are a few of my titles and skills:
Coach with an ICF diploma
Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator
Certified Joy of Business Facilitator
Certified Access Bars Facilitator
CEO of Eqvarium, a successful brand naming business
Master of Arts in Spanish and English
Speaks 4 languages fluently